file: /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ipfrag_max_dist
variable: net.ipv4.ipfrag_max_dist
Official reference

ipfrag_max_dist is a non-negative integer value which defines the maximum “disorder” which is allowed among fragments which share a common IP source address. Note that reordering of packets is not unusual, but if a large number of fragments arrive from a source IP address while a particular fragment queue remains incomplete, it probably indicates that one or more fragments belonging to that queue have been lost. When ipfrag_max_dist is positive, an additional check is done on fragments before they are added to a reassembly queue - if ipfrag_max_dist (or more) fragments have arrived from a particular IP address between additions to any IP fragment queue using that source address, it’s presumed that one or more fragments in the queue are lost. The existing fragment queue will be dropped, and a new one started. An ipfrag_max_dist value of zero disables this check.

Using a very small value, e.g. 1 or 2, for ipfrag_max_dist can result in unnecessarily dropping fragment queues when normal reordering of packets occurs, which could lead to poor application performance. Using a very large value, e.g. 50000, increases the likelihood of incorrectly reassembling IP fragments that originate from different IP datagrams, which could result in data corruption. Default: 64